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Services We Provide:

  • System Design
  • Site Surveys
  • Training
  • Bid Specs
  • Quotes
  • Color Renderings and CAD drawings
  • System Layout Diagrams
  • Product & Technology Presentations
  • Demo Unit Inventory for Evaluations
  • Project Referrals
  • Marketing & Sales Materials
  • Lead Referrals
  • Trade Show Participation
  • Project Management
  • Order Management

Our support services are available to various entities including but not limited to End Users, Architects & Engineers,
Consultants, Integrators and Dealers, Distributors, Government Agencies and Contractors.  As a Manufacturers'
Representative, these services are offered at no charge.

Pacific Group is vendor neutral with regards to several related technologies, i.e. VMS Video Management Software , Storage,
Access Control, Video Processors, etc.  Over 25 years of experience has given us a robust knowledge of various
manufacturers’ products and we frequently work in conjunction with these sources to provide “complete package” solutions
that best fit the needs of each application.
Pacific Group

Professional Manufacturers' Representatives                                                                                                               Representing Video, Security, Connectivity & Technical Furniture Solutions since 1984            

Dealers -

  • updated Price Schedules
  • Project Registration
  • Quotes
  • Literature
  • Demo Units

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